Beginner's CoRE - Module 1

Orientation to the greyscale and to learn the art of making a clinical diagnosis based on findings in plain x-rays.

Beginner's CoRE - Module 2

Simplifying your concepts of Electrocardiophysiology to help you never miss a finding on an ECG.

Beginner's CoRE - Module 3

A simplified approach on how to carry out research studies and publish clinical research in national and international journals.

Beginner's CoRE - Module 4

A complete guide to the clinical application and techniques of basic suturing skills.

Beginner's CoRE -Module 5

As important as it may seem, this topic is one of the most commonly applied concept in medicine, in and out of clinics.


Changing the DNA of Medical Education

Docfort Meducation is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka and operates through a network of hospitals, health organizations and medical institutions throughout the country.


CoRE stands for Credential of Readiness, which is basically a method of validating your learning of a number of concepts in a specific domain.                             This Executive Education concept has been inspired by HbX and applied to medical education in the best interest of the students ad doctors wanting to enhance their skills.

There are 5 areas of CoRE vocation:

  1. Beginner’s CoRE     (B-CORE)
  2. Advanced CoRE      (A-CoRE)
  3. Specialist CoRE       (S-CoRE)
  4. Master-Track Core (M-CoRE)
  5. Doctorate CoRE      (D-CoRE)

It was no co-incidence to get shortlisted by the BMJ South Asia Awards 2018 for ‘Excellence in Medical Education‘.

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Changing the DNA of Meducation


Strengthen your lacunae in basic concepts such as these in the 5 part B-CoRE


A step closer to reviewing intermediate level concepts in medicine.


An integrated approach for those with a good understanding of basic and advanced concepts.


The essential multidisciplinary multi-dimensional application of clinical medicine.

Certified DOCTORATE Credential of Readiness


An Expert level of learning and application, suited even for international medical exams.


NODAC is a voluntary campaign for medicos and details can be sought on another web page. coming soon........

National Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

In Campus Events – NODAC:

1. Apr 26, 2019: Bowring & Lady Curzon Medical College & Research Hospital, Bangalore.
2. May 13, 2019: Basaveshwara Medical College and Research Centre, Chitradurga.
3. July 30, 2019: Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bangalore.
4. September 25, 2019: JSS Medical College, Mysore.

Off-Campus Events -NODAC:

5. October 3, 2019: Radio One FM 94.3, with RJ Kay
6. July 12, 2019: RGW – Curofy Webinar with Dr Farman Ali

October 2017 - October 2019.

* Partners with UNESCO and the University of Bournemouth for Media Action Against Rape (MAAR) – 2018

* BMJ South Asia Awards 2018 – Finalist for “Éxcellence in Medical Education”.

* HAJ CAMP 50 Student Internships – 2017.

* Launch of our Newsletter, Pulse at St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, 2017.

Among many other accolades……


Docfort is not just an academy. It’s WAR. War with our own self to get better every day and to be the best you, you can be.

Stop cribbing, look around, grab opportunities.

  • Being a Docfortian has made me visualize medicine in a new way. It's exciting and encourages me to learn more. Farman Sir, the founder, our mentor, is ever ready to help us out at all times, and that’s what makes this venture so special and successful. Proud to be a DOCFORTIAN!
    RAIESA TAHOORA M.S Ramaiah Medical Coll
  • It's one of the most unique platforms for medical students…it's my favourite part of the day because I get to learn's made learning more fun and interesting, inspiring me to work harder and further.
    CHAITHANYA Sapthagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences
  • Being a Docfortian makes me think beyond the horizon, and all the more inquisitive…..Every event has a sparkle and energy of its own…enabling you to learn new things each time…learning has become all the more fun...Docfort is an unique idea!
    AMRUTA VERNEKAR M.S Ramaiah Medical Coll
  • I am an USMLE aspirant and joined Docfort to add on credits to my CV and improve my chances of getting a match. If I say it was a milestone in my life, I wouldn’t be wrong. I am happy to say that I have two research publications in my name. Docfort is a one-of-a-kind, one-stop solution to problems faced by any undergraduate MBBS student out there who is confused. I chose to learn from the best!
    Raksha L. Naidu Bangalore Medical College