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With a wide range of activities from research to training programs, from fellowships to didactic lectures, from workshops to quiz competitions, Docfort Meducation is attempting to compile clinical and research acumen into an evidence based practice.

By adapting to the rapid advances in the field of medicine, our objective is to deliver unparalleled state-of-the-art services to medical students.

Docfort Meducation invites you to be a part of this productive innovation and benefit from our professional views.


  • What does Docfort Meducation do?

Docfort Meducation helps you to optimize your medical career and to make sure that you are the best at what you do.

  • How does it help medicos? What is the scope of these courses?

Docfort offers a set of complementary courses for medicos which provide essential skill based and knowledge oriented applicable medicine for the future, in both exams as well as medical practice.

  • Who should pursue these courses? Am I eligible?

All medical undergraduate students are eligible.

Besides medical students, interested students from any discipline are also eligible for the Certificate Course in Medical Journalism, Media and Global Health.

  • How do I contact Docfort Meducation for admissions or queries?

Reach out to Docfort here.

  • Are these courses certified?

Yes. Docfort Meducation is a recognized institute, registered under the Companies Act, from the MCA, Govt of India. All the courses offered are certified.

  • Does this prepare me for all IMG exams? Or is it limited to USMLE?

No. The Certified International Medical Graduate Foundation Course targets exams of the six countries which are the most sought after in terms of residencies and practice. All these countries will be dealt with in a single course to determine the format answering ability of the student.

  • Who are Mentors?

A set of extremely dedicated and passionate doctors who have mastered their specialty and yet have a passion to teach and mentor their juniors. Look for the Mentorship and Advisory Council members on http://www.docfortmeducation.com/our-team/.

  • Are they offered as online modules?

Only journalism internships will be offered online, though the modules are conducted in contact classes. The other certificate courses offer contact classes only.

  • What are the frequencies, durations and timing of the courses?

Only on Sundays.

Time is based on the course chosen. Refer to the calendar for the timing.

  • Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes. Sessions will not coincide and arrangements will be made based on student priority.

  • Will I be provided study material for these courses?

Yes. There are no extra charges for the material provided for each course.

  • Is there a scholarship that I can apply for?

Yes. Students can appear for the Docfort Aptitude Test for scholarships (DATS) to attain scholarships. The final decision on approval and scholarship limits lies with Docfort Meducation Pvt Ltd.

  • What benefits do I receive along with Docfort memberships?
  1. 20% flat discount on all courses.
  2. Free copy of Docfort Pulse every month.
  3. Optional brainstorming sessions.
  4. Attending clinics as observers at Docfort Clinics.
  • What is Docfort Pulse?
  1. India’s first newsletter exclusively for medical students.
  2. Contains informative and educational data, fun facts, quizzes, etc.
  3. From medicos, For medicos, By medicos.
  • Where do I find Pulse, online and offline?

There is no separate website for Docfort Pulse. You will find information related to Pulse on our website http://www.docfortmeducation.com/pulse/. Hard copies are available at medical colleges. Call +91 97396 70031 / +91 99529 49315 for your personal copy or for 12-month subscriptions (one month free).

To avoid piracy, soft copies will not be made available.

  • Can I be a part of Team Pulse to showcase my creativity?

Yes. If you are a student of the Certificate Course in Medical Journalism, your internship will include being a part of Pulse’s editorial and design team. Till 2019, we also offer an internship with NewsTracker, a Bournemouth University-UNESCO project.

  • What happens to earlier programs like Academia, Inception, Exon, Gurukool and International Docfort?

They still exist: the whole system has been incorporated in the current courses.

  • Who are the people involved in creating and running Docfort Academy and its newsletter Docfort Pulse?

Refer our website at http://www.docfortmeducation.com/our-team/.

  • I want to know what form of media is being covered in medical journalism.

Print Media, Digital Media (including Television & Radio) and Social Media will be covered to expose students to the option of taking up a career in medical journalism.

  • Can I pursue a further degree in medical journalism or an internship with partners?

Yes. A letter of recommendation will be awarded to outstanding students at the end of the course.


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