About Us



With a wide range of activities from research to training programs, from fellowships to didactic lectures, from workshops to quiz competitions, Docfort Meducation is attempting to compile clinical and research acumen into an evidence based practice.

By adapting to the rapid advances in the field of medicine, our objective is to deliver unparalleled state-of-the-art services to medical students.

Docfort Meducation invites you to be a part of this new-age innovation and be the best version of yourself.


  • What does Docfort Meducation do?

Docfort Meducation is based on valuing conceptual medicine. Hence, a set of optimized courses have been designed to help understand rather unexplored medical concepts.

  • How does it help medicos? What is the scope of these courses?

These courses have been modeled with essential skill-sets needed for a successful clinical practice as well as to aid in competitive and licensure exams.

  • Who should pursue these courses? Am I eligible?


The material has been targeted towards allopathic medical students but is not restricted to any one cadre of students. Anyone with the will to learn different aspects of clinical medicine. is welcome to take our courses.

  • Are these courses recognized/accredited?

Docfort Meducation is a legally registered entity with the government of India under the MCA section.

Docfort currently holds affiliation with various government and private medical institutions like QMC Speciality hospital, MOHAN Foundation, Bowring & Lady Curzon Medical College & Research Institution and Jeevasaarthakathe-The regulatory body for transplants in karnataka.

We are internationally affiliated with Bournemouth University, U.K and ICATT, U.K. and the list is ever increasing.

  • How can I get in touch with a faculty of Docfort?

You can contact Ms Anna Thomas – Chief of Academics on +91 9952949315.