Docfort Pulse

India's first newsletter for medical students

Pulse is brought to you by a team of medical and journalism professionals from Docfort Meducation Pvt. Ltd.

Three factors contributed to the launch of Pulse:

  • Information explosion
  • Education
  • Community building via communication

In an age when information has become the biggest capital, we are inundated by it from a wide variety of sources. Investing wisely in the right information at the right time has become the best long term strategy for success. Pulse aims to guide the medical fraternity, including students and professionals, to access this 21st-century capital – information – with ease and sharp focus.

Of course, the goal of targeted information is education. Pulse is proud to announce that with our newsletter, we have invested in practical supplementary education for the medical student. We bring to you, the student, curated news from the medical world which will keep you relevant and give direction to your education.

The third reason why Pulse came into existence is to be a platform for community. This publication is the first newsletter in the country to cater exclusively to the medical student. With our prime mover advantage, we aim to be the one that binds, the one that will be the voice of the best medical professionals in the community and the one that will build bridges between students and professionals.

Find a preview version at and write to for the print edition.